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Future Earth initiative discussed at Japan’s CSTI meeting

The Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) held a meeting in Tokyo on 14 May 2015 where the Future Earth initiative was discussed. The CSTI is one of the four councils of important policies of the Cabinet Office of Japan. It is chaired by the Prime Minister, and includes Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy, relevant Ministers, and experts. The aim of the Council is to plan and coordinate comprehensive and primary policies on science, technology and innovation.

Prior to the CSTI meeting on that day, an Expert Panel was organized as a place for an exchange of views concerning science and technology policy, where Dr. Fumiko Kasuga,the Future Earth Global Hub Director in Tokyo, and Dr. Tetsuzo Yasunari, a member of Science Committee of the Future Earth and the Director-General of RIHN, were invited to introduce the importance and situation of the Future Earth research initiative.