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Future Earth mentioned in Japan’s STI Strategy

Japan’s Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (chaired by the Prime Minister) recently announced the draft “Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation 2015”. Noting “initiatives to address economic/social challenges” as one of the priority focuses, the Strategy states that the development of global environmental information platforms to monitor and tackle climate changes, open science, and systems to make such platforms jointly available to the public, business, and academic sectors, are integral to “the initiative to realize clean and economical energy systems”.

The Strategy further mentions that to address the agenda “it is required to understand the needs of various stakeholders, promote collaborative research bridging disciplines such as geoscience, information science, and social science, foster technological innovation by industries through providing big data, implement outcomes in model regions and to spread the achievements to the society”, and “Future Earth shall contribute to enhancing the engagement of stakeholders in society with transdisciplinary collaboration with the research community.”