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Call for nominations: Regional Advisory Committee for Future Earth in Asia

Future Earth is developing an organizational structure that includes Regional Committees and Regional Centres. The role of Regional Committees is to be an effective advocate for Future Earth in their regions and to be an effective advocate for regional interests in the global Future Earth platform. The Regional Centre for Asia is hosted by the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) in Kyoto, Japan.

In order to expedite the development of Future Earth in Asia, the Regional Center is convening a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC). It is expected that the RAC will over time develop into a full Regional Committee, taking on more roles and responsibilities as it evolves.

Potential members can self-nominate or be nominated by others. Nominations should be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae and a concise statement on what the nominee would bring to the RAC, as well as two support statements (in the case of nomination by others, one of these should be from the nominee). Nominations should be sent to no later than 31 August 2015. Selection results will be announced on the website by 15 October 2015.

Detailed information of the announcement is available here.




June 29, 2015


Future Earth Staff Member



Regional Advisory Committee for Future Earth in Asia announced