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Exploring Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge Action Network in Asia

The Knowledge Action Networks (KANs) are large, loosely connected networks that bring together researchers and a range of stakeholders to forge closer links between research, practice, and policy. Sustainable Consumption and Production has been identified as the theme for a KAN to be developed over the coming few years.

This workshop is to explore the possibilities for the creation of a Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge Action Network (SCP KAN) and also aims to explore the intellectual boundaries, research and practitioner communities, and potential funders operating in Asia. Paul Shrivastava, Executive Director of Future Earth, will provide a broad overview of the Future Earth KANs, how they will operate, and to clarify how our KAN creation process might be incorporated in the future. Through the workshop it is expected to accelerate the establishment of the Future Earth KAN originated in Asia.

The workshop is organized by the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia and the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) and will be held over two days: March 2nd and 3rd, 2016 at RIHN in Kyoto.