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Seminar: Visioning Processes in Transdisciplinary Settings

The organizers say:

One way in which transformations to sustainability are encouraged is through the influence of powerful alternative visions of the future.  Models of socio-technical change processes are often anchored by the existence of a compelling, collectively-held vision of the future toward which strategic action is taken.  In many instances, transdisciplinary engagements between scholars and societal actors that seek sustainable transitions involve facilitated processes in which visions of alternative societies, systems, or practices are co-designed.


Research Institute for Humanity and Nature’s Research Program entitled “Designing Lifeworlds of Sustainability and Wellbeing” places a strong emphasis on encouraging sustainable transformations from the bottom-up with the intimate participation of societal actors. Research on the role of visions in transdisciplinary engagement and methodological
approaches to visioning processes will be important elements in the program’s research agenda and in achieving its research mission.


This seminar covers three different visioning processes: participatory scenario creation & backcasting, Future Design, and co-designed serious games.


“Visioning & Backcasting: some methods and observations” (tentative)   Philip J. Vergragt (Tellus Institute) with contributions from Jaco N. Quist (Delft University of Technology)

“Future Design” Yoichi Hizen (Kochitech) 

“Future design and its possibility through field experiments” Koji Kotani (Kochitech)

“Food Futuring: scenarios, back-casting and game jams for a resilient Europe”  Joost Vervoort (Utrecht University)

“Playing with food: exploring innovative urban food security practices through co-designed serious games” Astrid Mangnus (Utrecht University)

Facilitated by: Steven McGreevy (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(RIHN))


Date: March 17, 2017

Time: 13:00 – 17:00

Place: RIHN, Lecture Hall (Access)

Intended Audience: Participants from existing RIHN projects of all stages (IS, FS, and FR) are invited to attend.

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Contact: Yuko Matsuoka, RIHN

This seminar is organized by: FEAST Project, RIHN Program “Designing Lifeworlds of Sustainability and Wellbeing,”  and the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia.