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Third Pole Science Summit – The Coupled Physical, Chemical, Biological and Social Systems in the Third Pole: Impacts, Feedbacks and Adaptation Pathways

The contents on this page are adopted from the Third Pole Summit website.

After the North and South Poles, the Third Pole is the highland core of Asia, and includes the Hindu-Kush, Karakorum, Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau and all the mountain ranges that surround it. This region provides the water resource and ecosystem services to billions of people in Asia. It is well accepted that the regional environmental change will have huge implications for millions of people living in the Third Pole region and downstream areas. Understanding the mechanisms of the earth system multi-sphere (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and anthroposphere) interactions in the Third Pole is becoming one of the hottest topics for global environmental research, and it is also an urgent task for the scientific community to support the sustainable development of the Third Pole region.

Topics to be covered:
  1. Lithosphere Geodynamics and Continent-continent Collision of the Third Pole
  2. Geological Evolution and Mineral Resource Development on the Third Pole
  3. Uplift of the Third Pole and Its Environmental Impacts
  4. Environmental Changes on the Third Pole and Global Change
  5. Integrated Observations and Modeling of Atmospheric and Land-Surface Processes on the Third Pole
  6. Cryosphere & Hydrosphere Dynamics and Water Cycle on the Third Pole
  7. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services on the Third Pole
  8. Climatic Hazards and Environmental Risks on the Third Pole
  9. Natural Resource Management and Regional Sustainability on the Third Pole

All the participants must register from conference website by 30 May 2017.

All the abstracts must be submitted online by 15 May, 2017. Detailed requirements are available on above conference website.