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MAIRS-FE Scientific Steering Committee Annual meeting held in Beijing

Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability – Future Earth (MAIRS-FE) is one of the 20 Future Earth Global Research Projects (GRPs), which aims to address cross-cutting global change issues related to the unique Asian monsoon climate and topography, and develop links across the diverse cultures and societies of Asia. The Program consists of three working groups, focusing on the major environmental issues related to sustainable development; (1) resilience to climate-related natural disasters; (2) human health in monsoon Asia; and (3) water, energy and food nexus.

The two-day annual meeting took place in Beijing on 19-20 April, 2018, organized by the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Peking University, where the International Project Office for the Program is based. The conference brought together some 20 experts engaging in priority research areas of the Program, who presented the latest findings from their research, exchanged their views on urgent challenges to the regional sustainability and confirmed the importance on further promoting organized scientific research cooperation across discplines.

The conference also included a session on cross-cutting topics of model and observation by a representative of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC), another Future Earth Global Research Project. In addition to the thematic issues, the role of the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia was introduced.

The meeting released the MAIRS-FE 2017 Annual Work Summary Report and discussed the work plan for future activities to enable the Project to better serve the sustainable development in the Monsoon Asia region, promoting discipline development and planning in the related fields. The Conference also put together a candidate list of the next Scientific Steering Committee for the Project.

You can read the full report of the MAIRS-FE Scientific Steering Committee Annual meeting on the MAIRS-FE website.