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Transdisciplinary Science in Practice: 3rd International Symposium on Decision Science for Future Earth

The third international symposium on “Decision Science for Future Earth” will be held on 24th and 28th of September 2018 in Fukuoka, Japan. The symposium aims to showcase of the latest achievements in Future Earth project and has the following objectives.

  • Solution-oriented and multi-scale (local to global) research projects in Japan:
    • A transdisciplinary research by networking solution-oriented interdisciplinary sciences of environment, disaster, health, governance and human cooperation
    • Transdisciplinary study of natural resource management under poverty conditions collaborating with vulnerable sectors
    • Tansdisciplinary researches of RIHN
  • Learning from practical experiences of transdisciplinary approach with different stakeholders and exchange ideas about how to develop co-design, co-production, and co-delivery process of transdisciplinary research.
  • How we can connect the local with the global and find strategies can contribute to the global achievements of SDGs based on local success stories.

The two-day symposium includes two sessions.

Day 1, Monday, September 24, 2018, 10:00 – 17:45

Invited guests in this session include members of JST Future Earth project on “Transdisciplinary Study of Natural Resource Management under Poverty Conditions Collaborating with Vulnerable Sectors (TD-VULS project), and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) which hosts the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia. This exchange session facilitate mutual learning and knowledge sharing of transdisciplinary researches of IDS3, TD-VULS project, and RIHN and challenges and lessons from local communities around the world. We believe that lessons from these individual research projects will answer the following key questions: 1) how we can develop successful co-design and co-production with various stakeholders to solve various social problems of local communities? and 2) how we can contribute to national and global problem-solving based on many cases of local success?

Day 2, Friday, September 28, 2018, 10:00-12:00
The three invited speakers, Dr. Leena Srivastava (co-chair of Future Earth Advisory Committee) Dr. Amy Luers (Executive Director of Future Earth), and Dr. Eduardo Brondizio, (former member of Future Earth Science Committee) will join in this session. This session will be held within a schedule of World Social Science Forum 2018 (WSSF2018) as a preparatory meeting towards a WSSF2018 session on “Key roles of social sciences in Future Earth, a global research initiative to support sustainable development goals (SDGs)”. This session will introduce ideas on “Decision Science for Future Earth” and the achievements of IDS3 projects, and exchange opinions about how the achievements developed in Japan can be  integrated with global success of the Future Earth.

It is expected that this symposium will offer a valuable opportunity for participants to mutually learn from achievements of Future Earth-oriented research projects in Japan and the global efforts of Future Earth as a whole and develop deeper thoughts and new ideas about trans-disciplinary science of Future Earth and its contribution to SDGs.

Organizer: Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society (IDS3), Kyushu University
Co-organizer: Transdisciplinary Study of Natural Resource Management under Poverty Conditions Collaborating with Vulnerable Sectors
Supported by: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

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