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Sustainability and Resiliency of Communities in Marginal and Inland Seas: The 2nd SIMSEA Regional Symposium

Screen-Shot-2018-09-12-at-3.26.59-PM-768x506.pngThe theme of the Symposium is “Sustainability and Resiliency of Communities in Marginal and Inland Seas”. The deadline for Abstracts and Session Proposals is 20 October, 2018.


  • To build on the advances of research on earth system science to support knowledge needs for sustainability and resiliency·To bring together the best scientists, academe, policy and decision makers, and other stakeholders to explore opportunities for greater collaborative and integrative research for the sustainability of marginal seas
  • To encourage consolidation of transdisciplinary research teams to undertake collaboration on the identified research areas
  • To identify outstanding /strategic transdisciplinary research on environmental, developmental and societal issues
  • To initiate the implementation of interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary investigations for the benefit of society

Major Sessions:

  1. Hazards and Risks from Oceans to Coasts in the East and Southeast Regions
  2. Forecasting, Monitoring and Management of Hazards and Risks from Oceans to Coasts
  3. Hazards and Risks Information Dissemination and Education for Communities Along the Inland and Marginal Seas of East and Southeast Regions
  4. Institutional Partnerships and local level governance in the management of Hazards and Risks from Oceans to Coasts

The Symposium will be hosted by SIMSEA Regional Program, The Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines (UP), UP Office of International Linkages, UP Resilience Institute and SIMSEA Philippines.

The 3-day symposium will include invited talks in plenary and presentations of regional scientists in parallel sessions.  All submissions will undergo a peer-review process prior to acceptance.

Read the first Announcement for further information. Please take note that the date, venue and deadline have been changed from the first announcement.


October 11, 2018


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