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Call for Nominations: Steering Committee for Future Earth Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge-Action Network

The Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge-Action Network (SSCP KAN) of Future Earth is inviting nominations for its new Steering Committee.The Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge-Action Network (SSCP KAN) of Future Earth is inviting researchers, professionals and practitioners to establish its new Steering Committee (SC) for the period from 2021-2023. This is an opportunity for researchers and institutions to engage in the collaborative work conducted by the SSCP Knowledge-Action Network as new members of the KAN Steering Committee. We invite submission of applications of new members who have interest, background and experience in SSCP and related sustainability topics.

About the SSCP KAN

The Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production KAN aims to contribute to enhancing global equity, reducing unequal access to resources, and enabling all people on the planet to lead flourishing lives within biophysical constraints. To achieve its lofty aims, the SSCP KAN works to advance a systems perspective of SCP and to encourage and enable an urgent societal transition to SCP systems. The KAN emphasises the need to address whole provisioning systems, including consumption practices and production conditions, as well as life-cycle impacts and the economic, political, social, and cultural imperatives that impel consumerist lifestyles. The scope of the SSCP KAN research and engagement includes closely related topics such as issues of inclusive development, post-growth economics, the Sustainable Development Goals and intergenerational equity.

To promote a more systemic approach to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and to enable a transformation in theory and practice, the KAN aims to strengthen collaboration between communities of researchers and practitioners that are currently focused on either consumption or production, including actors, decision makers, and other stakeholders. In line with the KAN in general we envision the Steering Committee having a representation of diverse stakeholder communities, balancing its membership across world regions, and academic disciplines so as to embrace Future Earth’s systemic vision. The Steering Committee membership is open to anyone who can show a strong commitment towards the cause of global sustainability. We are interested in a fair distribution regarding the geographic representation, academic disciplines, stakeholder groups (from industries, NGOs, CSOs, policymakers, etc.), career stages and gender.

About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is the highest authority of the KAN and consists of approximately twenty delegates. The SSCP KAN steering committee’s tasks include the following:

  • Oversees all of the work and other activities of the KAN through its working groups (WGs)
  • Has authority to establish new Task Forces that have specific assignments to fulfil
  • Appoints members of  the Management Team
  • Liaises with the KAN’s Advisory Board
  • Organises election of SC members

The SC meets twice a year, generally in March and September, to discuss current progress and issues raised by SSCP KAN working groups (WGs). The SC membership is voluntary. SC delegates serve for a three-year term that can upon consent of a majority of the SC be renewed for a subsequent three-year period.

The call for applications will be open from 15 October 2020 – 15 January 2021.

How to nominate yourself/how to apply:

Please submit the nomination form including a short CV(1 page). For further inquiries, please contact

The application will be reviewed by the KAN’s current SC after the call for nominations has been closed. Decisions about the newly elected new SC members will be communicated by 20th February 2021.