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Ajibola Akanji

Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria

Ajibola Akanji is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. He is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Lead City University, Ibadan, and holds degrees in Law and Public Administration. His research interest transcends the Social sciences and Law, it is focused on the intersection of Law, Co-operatives and Sustainable development. He emphasis the importance of co-operatives, cooperation, solidarity economics and social financing, and their possible upgrade with the mechanism of robust legal frameworks, which he advocates as an imperative to poverty alleviation and sustainable development. He is an adherent of the works of late Elinor Ostrom, and Guy Standing of the University of London. He made contributions on the impact of co-operatives and co-operative law to the business of agriculture in Nigeria to the World Bank Group 2019 Report on Enabling the Business of Agriculture. Aside teaching and research, he engages in private legal practice. He served as a trainer at the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) organized Global Youth Forum (GYF20), February, 2020 at Kuching, Malaysia, where he handled sessions on Co-operative Law. He is a Member of the Young Scholars Initiative, Institute for New Economic Thinking, where he serves as a Project Organizer with the Co-operative Working Group.

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