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Alistair Scrutton

Future Earth (Former)

Alistair Scrutton spent more than two decades as a foreign correspondent covering wars, elections, Olympic Games and royal weddings across four continents — in between managing to annoy Fidel Castro, Messi and the Dalai Lama with awkward questions. After university, he spent several years as a freelance journalist in Spain and Latin America working for the likes of the FT, Economist, San Francisco Chronicle and the Australian. He then joined Reuters for a 19 year career, first as correspondent in Peru and Buenos Aires before then moving to Washington, DC, as Latin America editor. He switched continents to cover South Asia from New Delhi, reporting on the war in Afghanistan as well as environmental challenges in Bhutan and India. His last assignment before joining Future Earth saw him as head of Nordic and Baltic editorial operations, working on pieces ranging from Greenland's adaption to climate change to the threat of Russia. He holds a Masters Degree in international relations and contemporary war from King’s College, London.

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