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Françoise Gaill

Françoise Gaill is a biologist focusing on marine biodiversity research and is particula;;y interested in deep water environments and adaptations to extreme environments. Françoise has served on several boards and scientific councils for national and international research organisations. She has been in charge of research and innovation at the “Grenelle de la mer” and was president of the scientific and strategic committee of the large scale infrastructure FOF (French oceanographic fleet). She was vice president of the Alliance Allenvi, a national research consortium dedicated to environmental sciences and is now scientific advisor for the CNRS INEE (National Center for Scientific Research, Institute of Ecology and Environment). She is chair of the national committee for marine and coastal research (COMER) and is vice chair of the French delegation of IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Committee) of UNESCO. Further, Françoise is coordinator of the scientific committee of the Ocean Climate Platform, and she participates in various committees dedicated to biodiversity and/or marine research. She is vice chair of the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), chair of the scientific council of the Fondation de la mer and has represented France in several United Nations negotiations, such as the Word Ocean Assessment, UN reports on the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal-14, which is dedicated to the oceans, and the BBNJ Preparatory Committee.

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