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Herve Corvellec

Lund University

Hervé Corvellec received his PhD in business administration from Lund University in 1996 with specializations in management accounting and organization theory. He also has over 20 years of experience in interdisciplinary research environments during which he has first conducted research about railroad planning, risk in public transportation, and wind power siting. This general interest in infrastructures has guided him to focus on the governance, planning, and organizing of waste management; wasting behaviors and practices; waste ethics; waste narratives and discourses; and social-scientific theories of waste. From waste, he has then moved over to researching resources, the circular economy and circular business models. He has published his research within management (e.g., Accounting Organization and Society, Culture and Organizations, Marketing Theory, Organization, Research Policy), social-anthropology (Journal of Material culture), geography (Environment and Planning A), environmental studies (Business and Society, Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Development), and engineering (Waste Management, Waste Management & Research).

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