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Hugh Coe

University of Manchester

Professor Coe is currently Head of School and Professor of Atmospheric Composition at the University of Manchester. Professor Coe is also presently the Chair of the UK Local Organising Committee for the Future Earth Global Research Project International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC). His research focuses on improving the knowledge of the physics and chemistry of atmospheric aerosols. Current research includes biomass burning and dust aerosols, the long-range transport of pollution aerosol, aerosol-cloud interactions, organic aerosol, transformation and transport of aerosols on urban to regional scales. Professor Coe chairs the joint NERC/Met Office FAAM aircraft operations committee and is a current member of the NERC FAAM Board. He also holds associate editorships of the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and Aerosol Science and Technology, as well as a committee member of The Aerosol Society.

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