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Margaret Krebs

Program Director, Earth Leadership Program

As Program Director for the Earth Leadership Program, Margaret Krebs designs and facilitates the leadership program for the cohort of fellows. She also works with universities, offering train-the-trainers workshops that enable faculty and staff to design their own sustainability leadership programs for various audiences—graduate students, postdocs, early career faculty. She’s been instrumental in developing the collective leadership framework that guides the transdisciplinary training provided for researchers. Margaret’s commitment and experience designing leadership development programs led her to be selected as a participant in the 2014 Leadership for Collective Intelligences, led by Dialogos. She has melded the content of that training with her own interdisciplinary experience and is now co-designing and facilitating other related programs such as the Africa Science Leadership Program, AAAS’s Emerging Leaders in Science and Society, and the International Social Science Council’s Transformations to Sustainability Programme and Stanford’s Leading Interdisciplinary Collaborations fellowship program. Prior to joining the Earth Leadership Program, Margaret managed two Stanford training grants to design new learning environments that integrated technology to support teaching and learning. Margaret’s interest in teaching and learning developed while she was an undergraduate in innovative study programs at Earlham College and evolved further when she became a teacher designing a “school without walls” in Philadelphia. This background inspired her future work in developing programs to bring research and innovation to new audiences in diverse settings – from an early childhood research center in New Haven, Connecticut to Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley.

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