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Natalia Davlianidze


Natalia is an Edmund S. Muskie Summer 2020 Internship Program fellow at the Future Earth U.S. Global Hub. She will work with the Swiss-based team of the Global Research Project - Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment. Originally from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, she is pursuing her second graduate degree in Human Geography as a foreign Fulbright Scholar at Ohio University. Her ongoing research project is related to the study of the impact of population migration on the sustainable development of the mountainous communities in the Caucasus. A graduate from Tbilisi State University Department of Social and Political Sciences, with a major in Human Geography, Natalia has participated in several study abroad programs in Europe. Her past research covers various topics around sustainable urban development, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in urban planning, and human migration. In addition, Natalia has up to five years of work experience in the practical sustainable development sector in the Caucasus, working with major international donors such as USAID and the EU. This work included research, sustainable development program planning, and strategic communications in the areas of circular economy, rural development, and environmental education. Upon graduation from her Fulbright program at Ohio University, Natalia plans to apply her practical development sector experience and early career research interests to pursuing a Ph.D. She wishes to continue working in the intersection of academic research and applied work for sustainable development.