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Sirkku Juhola

Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland, Linköping University, Sweden, Western Norway Research Institute, Norway

Sirkku Juhola is professor of urban environmental policy in University of Helsinki, and a guest professor at Linköping University, Sweden and at Western Norway Research Institute, Norway. She holds degrees from the University of East Anglia and University of Sussex in international relations and development. She has worked at the United Nations University in Tokyo and at universities in Sweden and Finland. Her area of expertise is environmental policy and governance, in cities and urban areas in particular. She has been interested in the interface of environmental change and social change and how to govern that change. She has worked with both qualitative and quantitative methods and both in global North and South. Currently, she leads the multidisciplinary Urban Environmental Policy (@UEP_group) research group at the University of Helsinki. The UEP Group consists of postdoctoral researchers and PhD students in projects that focus on, among other topics, urban sustainability, climate risks assessments and governance. She is a contributing author in the IPCC 6th Assessment Report and a lead author in Third Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities, UCCRN. She is also a member of the Finnish Climate Change Panel that advices the Finnish Government on climate policy with specific focus on adaptation policy. In terms of Future Earth, Sirkku has been involved in the Scientific Steering Committee of iLEAPS and the Development Team of Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events.

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