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Soumyajit Bhar

Visiting Assistant Professor (Environmental Studies and Economics joint appointment), Krea University, India

Soumyajit straddles action and academic research with more than 14 years of experience (both volunteering and full time) of working with various environmental and sustainability issues. He is about to be awarded Ph.D. in Sustainability Studies at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) as part of a unique interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. His dissertation attempts to understand socio-psychological drivers as well as local and regional scale environmental impacts of conspicuous/luxury consumption basket in India. Soumyajit is furthering postdoctoral research at the intersection of rising consumerism, sustainability concerns, and inequality levels in the context of the Global South. He has published in international journals and popular media. He is also interested in larger questions of philosophy and ethics, particularly pertaining to environmental issues. He is currently working as a visiting assistant professor with Krea University and an instructor with -- a global online climate school.

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