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Sylvia Wood

Partner, Future Earth

Dr. Sylvia Wood is a lead scientist for research and development at Eco2Urb, helping cities and municipalities to manage their urban green spaces for resilience and the provision of ecosystem services through complexity and connectivity planning approaches. She holds a PhD in Geography (McGill University), an MSc in Forest Ecology (University of British Columbia) and a BSc in Biology (Queen’s University). Her work focuses on the modelling of ecosystem services provision of nature-based solutions in urban, peri-urban and multifunctional landscapes and on linking biodiversity and ecosystem services with targets in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Previously, Sylvia worked as a lead scientist on Future Earth's Science-based Pathways for Sustainability initiative in Canada and on the Collective Intelligence and Foresight activities, part of the Sustainability in the Digital Age initiative. She now sits on the advisory teams for these projects to provide strategic input and support, particularly on topics related to biodiversity change and the SDGs.

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