The inaugural meeting of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for Future Earth in Asia was held in Kyoto on 20 November 2015. This marked a new step forward in the developments of the Future Earth initiative.

The RAC was convened by the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia (hosted by Research Institute for Humanity and Nature) to accelerate the development of the Future Earth in Asia and consists of nine members selected through an international call for recommendations. Dr. Mohd Nordin Hasan, the former Director of the International Council for Science Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, was selected as the RAC Chair. The Committee’s role is to be an effective advocate for Future Earth in their regions and to be an effective advocate for regional interests in the global Future Earth platform.

RAC Members

Mohd Nordin Hasan
Kusumita Arora
Bojie Fu
Soottiporn Chittmittrapap
Isabelle Louis
Dr. SC Candice Lung
Roberto F. Rañola, Jr.
Thomas Anton Reuter
Soon-chang Yoon