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Kusumita Arora

Kusumita Arora is a PhD in Geophysics and has been a scientist at the CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India since 1998 after completing three years in the mineral industry. During the last seventeen years of her research career, she has worked on diverse aspects of applications of geophysical principles to the study of the Earth System. She worked on 3D modelling of the subsurface structure of crust and upper mantle based on magnetic and gravity anomalies, both on land and on ocean. Such structures have use for the understanding of evolution processes of the area of study as well as for the mapping of potential zones for natural resources such as minerals and hydrocarbons. At present she is studying several aspects of the geomagnetic field and leading the group at the Magnetic Observatory of the institute, which is globally recognized for the Observatories that produces high quality data for modelling the geomagnetic field. She is leading a consortium ‘MAGNIO’ for regional cooperation in geomagnetic studies beyond national boundaries. She has also pioneered airborne LiDAR data acquisition and interpretation for geomorphic studies in India. She is involved with active drilling-coring-geological-geophysical studies of deep boreholes for the understanding of earthquake genesis in intraplate regions of reservoir-triggered seismicity. She has a special interest to work across disciplines and professional expertise for integrated and holistic understanding of the Earth system.