Asia is of global significance, particularly when considering future pathways towards sustainability.

Future Earth Asia Center facilitates sustainability and transdisciplinary research in Asia and the Pacific, fostering knowledge that builds solutions to the challenges facing the region.


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Future Earth is a global network of scientists, researchers, and innovators collaborating for a more sustainable planet. It is also a platform to co-generate societally relevant knowledge for sustainable transformation. By linking science, policy, business, and civil leaders, we aim to drive innovation and transformation to tackle key sustainability challenges. Our focus on systems-based approaches seeks to deepen our understanding of complex Earth systems and human dynamics across disciplines. By understanding connections among environmental, social and economic systems, we aim to underpin evidence-based policies and strategies for sustainable development.

Building transformations to a more sustainable world is a task that falls to the entire planet. Future Earth, however, also recognizes that each region of the globe also faces unique challenges, so we have global hubs, regional centers and offices, and national and local organizations that propel research toward unique solutions to make progress on sustainability.