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First meeting of SIMSEA Japan Committee held in Tokyo

The fisrt SIMSEA Japan committee meeting selected Prof. Emeritus Yamagata as the Chair of the committee and Prof. Uematsu as the Vice-Chair.  Drs. Wakita and Endo were appointed as secretariat for managing the meeting with unanimous applause.

In the meeting, the development of the international SIMSEA program and the Japan SIMSEA research program structure were introduced, followed by briefings on participants’ own activities which may have potentials to work with SIMSEA framework.

To wrap up the meeting, Prof. Emeritus Yamagata declared that the SIMSEA should be a one-stop shop to share informations of all related marine activities in and around the Asian marginal seas, and a core network among not only researchers but also all stakeholders to dissminate the SIMSEA activities to the world.