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Kyoto Conference on the Global Environment 2017 “Kyoto+20”
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Kyoto Conference on the Global Environment 2017 “Kyoto+20”

Date: December 10, 2017

This International Conference will discuss directions of the formidable measures against the global warming, taking consideration of the Paris Accord. Tetsuzo Yasunari, the Director General of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature who serves as a member of the Future Earth Science Committee, will speak on the endeavor of the initiative towards “futurable” society.

The following information is adopted from the event website.

Date and time: 10 December 2017  10:00 – 17:40 (Tantive)
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center

“Further Challenges for Climate Change- from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement”
“Toward the Formulation of Sustainable City Cultures in Balance with the Environment”

To arrive at a joint resolution towards implementing and recognizing the importance of measures against global warming, examine the significance of the Kyoto Protocol since its birth based on the accomplishments and measures against climate change in cities from around the world, and discuss the advancement of countermeasures through the Paris Agreement.
To deepen measures against global warming on a worldwide-scale based on the strengthening of inter-city partnerships and collaboration with organizations like ICLEI (a network of local governments with the goal of sustainability and an official consulting body to the UN). This is an issue the City of Kyoto has been working towards with the Mayor of Kyoto, while chairperson of the ICLEI East Asia Regional Executive Meeting, has stressed the importance of the role cities play in becoming the large-scale emission source as they develop through urbanization.

Sponsor: City of Kyoto
Co-sponsor: Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National Institute for the Humanities Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, ICLEI Japan, Kyoto Environmental Activities Association
Supporters: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For details including the program and contact, please visit the event website.

Registration deadline is 30 Novemember 2017.